colonizing circuits day 70 today

DDNA was Born to be free


here is an art without fear, without fear of dying
without fear of no being in the capitalist art market, without fear of not being a myth, the universe understand it; like who wants to reveal its essence, always reveals a new world, new possibilities , in reality im here to deconstruct mythos. Colonization is about Myth. Let’s demystify colonialism.

In parallel, the creation of a colonizing space and a colonized space are the same but with different dynamics. The colonized space put the colonizing space in a position of myth, where this discharacterize itself . Than we can experiment the appropriation; The appropriation of the myth.

However if the action or process of establishing control over a country, a city or people, this feeling come with the concept of the myth, when we ascribe someone or something to a superior position we are exploited and colonized.

we need a social decolonization




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