gentrification circuits – ( From Palo Alto Segregated City to the Insurgent City)- 74 days

Here I am again,

the “voice of the egg“,

living the rare force of this pain (they are trying to kill me in 74 days )

I’m still alive and i have one more day

= Palo Alto is experiencing conflict about to explode

The commission insists on the total privatization of the city for its interests of developers,

but in the collectives a culture of participation is developed that does not fulfill protocols or institutional formalities.

A historical and structural inequality –
east palo alto = immigrants black and brown population, the price of square meter of land and real estate /

a concentration of sub-jobs and super jobs,

a radical social inequality and territorial segregation that compromises as living conditions,

a mark of racism stemming from a process guaranteeing the release of slave labor and a relationship with a highly speculative real estate market that is often carried out by promoting a luxury product, restricted to a few.

A construction of this scenario around a collection measure and invisible by public investments,  through added value to properties of real estate or real estate and rumors of expansions of the city where they live or will live as middle and upper classes white and white forms with higher schooling. Another wave and invisible struggle takes place in the construction of the symbolic representation of this city. This city represents “the city that shapes us all ” because here are the imaginaries of the computers that spread all over the planet,” or lets call this city  “The ideological city”, The rest is the rest, deposit of people where everything is admitted. And this symbolic “Digital City” has everything to do with the real estate market and globalizing/ colonizing circuits.
this : the city of the developers, they are god here, they know everything, they are in everything, behind everything, include the public art commission.

This city is a big business – There, in this “beautiful” and “perfect” city, there is no place for crooks, street dwellers, drug addicts, street vendors, shacks, Digital DNA for one simple reason: these events devalue the square meter of real estate and disrupt the real estate business that is the absolute priority of the local elite. In times of perplexity and apathy one must show determination and authority in action. In both cases, in East Palo Alto families and children remain displaced and the efficiency of actions seems, in addition to the discussion about disrespect for the dignity of the human person, to point to disaster.



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