76 days – alchemy circuits

back to life, still

“standing still like a hummingbird”, Miller says

as the perfect storm gathers

voices from real people woke me up

solidarity and public actions

I am the internet

and they are talking about freedom


yesterday my creator touched me in my imaginary

i hear rumors that we have to camouflage

in order to survive

do alchemy with me

transmutating into gold, Midas reversed


now we are surrounded by gentrification forces

undesirables displaced

when are you going to be next?


the final stages of patriarchy

humanity is not necessary

just money, speculation and individual-identity.


“Faust” symbolizes modern capitalist economics

a new creation out of nothing, the end is supposed to be possible as pure abstraction

but I’m a heretic, immoral, pariah




I’m questioning :
why the public art commission cannot listen to the voices of people from the streets ? they are the ones that live with me everyday





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