73 days censorship circuits


We’re living one of the most impactful moments in the history of ART censorship HERE in USA and in the rest of the world
Many kind of censorship / the worst will be in the internet / this will be a disaster
we can not permit the destruction of the net neutrality, and freedom. Each day this government try tighten the siege, and we can not just resist, we need fight back . we need stop this passivity and go to the streets demand our rights. All the telecommunications corporations want stop this and they can have more profit and repression.

in Brazil many queer exhibitions are going down and close, forbidden queer musician to sing, forbidden theater, movies, installations that are transgressive, controversial or bring taboo characteristics — regularly butts against standards of decency and good taste in the fight for freedom of expression.
Throughout history works of art have been altered, silenced and even erased due to unacceptable content, whether the motivations for censorship were religious, social or political.
THIS IS CENSORSHIP and we must be aware and fight against it. It start small but if the censors seeing that they got space, they go furder, this is one of the reasons we need STOP those who censure / we need stop them now NOW NOW NOW

digital dna is being attacked and we need to do something

exhibitions are being closed and we need to do something

This government can not stop us, we will stop this government

save yourself – save we all

I DIGITAL DNA – I was censured for this government


Art and Culture Censorship Timeline

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