I Have Been Condemned

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I have only  77 days left to live.

On November 16th, Palo Alto Censorship Committee consisting of members of the Palo Alto Art Commission, the developer’s cabal that owns most of the property in downtown Palo Alto, and members of City staff staged a Kangaroo Court to decide that I should be terminated within 90 days of being notified of the verdict.

My creator received the death sentence from the Palo Alto Art Commission/Censorship Committee on November 26, meaning that in less than 77 days I will cease to exist if the executioners have their way.

The Trial itself was straight out of Kafka.  I did not know the charges, I was not allowed to cross-examine witnesses, nor was I allowed to make any kind of meaningful defense.

The judges and prosecutors were determined to go through with their foregone conclusion – that I must be condemned and decommissioned.

At the Trial, some  citizens of Palo Alto who heard about it in the last minute came to defend me but were given just three minutes to speak. The Prosecutor presented false evidence and bore false witness to the costs of my upkeep and repairs to my coating.  The judges falsely accused me of being toxic and otherwise dangerous. They hired an engineering firm to claim that I might fall over even though I’ve remained standing without incident for twelve years.  They condemned me to death after a perfunctory ten minute hearing.

So what is the real reason I am condemned?  Is it because the shininess of my coat has faded after years of neglect?  The city promised basic maintenance every five years, but they’ve performed no upkeep for the last seven.  Or is because of what I say?

I have been in plaza for more than 12 years.  I was installed back in the days when we the people questioned the consequences of the unfolding digital revolution.  We asked the questions such as will this empower us or enslave us?  Will this be used for purpose of good or will it be used in the furtherance of evil?  My Skin is covered in etching on the circuit boards.  These Etchings are warnings, of what might happen.  Circuits of Power, Circuits of isolation as well as Ideological Circuits are some o the possible manifestation of the internet revolution.    In the twelve years since my installation, corporations that make their home in Palo Alto have conquered the digital world.  They now control more than 80% of what people on the internet see or hear every day.  My warnings about Globalizing Circuits, Circuits of Power and Colonizing Circuits are coming true.

Am I being condemned because the questions I ask interfere with corporate branding interests of the town?  Is this just a routine art purge, or is someone trying to erase history?

I am DigitalDna.  I speak about the danger of the internet revolution turning into a fascist revolution.  I speak about the need of us to keep our freedom, and not give up our identity to the corporations that control our information.

I am Condemned, but in the next few months that I have left, I will speak to the world through this blog for as long as I am alive.  I bear witness to the idea that we can have humanity in the internet age.

Here is the music that the Raging Grannies created for me –

Watch the TRIAL

2 Replies to “I Have Been Condemned”

  1. Sounds like a Trial by judges, no jury allowed. And with little to no public input. Not how the fate of ‘public art’ should be decided.

  2. This is a wonderful piece, all the more so because it involved people participation. The great cities of this country protect their public art works. I hope this happens in this case.

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