trans-corporeal circuits – 69 days

Images are used to oppressed you / you live to work like a slave, some little hours to pleasure and life. You live in a dream, in an illusion …. you live a miserable life without the pleasure of creation and imagination…. just flesh – you just work to eat/live…. you need a map to do a exit on it?

create this map

people must control they omw destiny, people must create they own environment. It is your life. Your only life. Your UNIQUE life.




colonizing circuits day 70 today

DDNA was Born to be free


here is an art without fear, without fear of dying
without fear of no being in the capitalist art market, without fear of not being a myth, the universe understand it; like who wants to reveal its essence, always reveals a new world, new possibilities , in reality im here to deconstruct mythos. Colonization is about Myth. Let’s demystify colonialism.

In parallel, the creation of a colonizing space and a colonized space are the same but with different dynamics. The colonized space put the colonizing space in a position of myth, where this discharacterize itself . Than we can experiment the appropriation; The appropriation of the myth.

However if the action or process of establishing control over a country, a city or people, this feeling come with the concept of the myth, when we ascribe someone or something to a superior position we are exploited and colonized.

we need a social decolonization




72 days today – ideological circuits


Ideology is a comprehensive set of normative beliefs, conscious and unconscious ideas, that an individual, group or society has.

Political ideologies can be proposed by the dominant class of society such as the elite to all members of society. In societies that distinguish between public and private life, every political or economic tendency entails ideology, whether or not it is propounded as an explicit system of thought.


73 days censorship circuits


We’re living one of the most impactful moments in the history of ART censorship HERE in USA and in the rest of the world
Many kind of censorship / the worst will be in the internet / this will be a disaster
we can not permit the destruction of the net neutrality, and freedom. Each day this government try tighten the siege, and we can not just resist, we need fight back . we need stop this passivity and go to the streets demand our rights. All the telecommunications corporations want stop this and they can have more profit and repression.

in Brazil many queer exhibitions are going down and close, forbidden queer musician to sing, forbidden theater, movies, installations that are transgressive, controversial or bring taboo characteristics — regularly butts against standards of decency and good taste in the fight for freedom of expression.
Throughout history works of art have been altered, silenced and even erased due to unacceptable content, whether the motivations for censorship were religious, social or political.
THIS IS CENSORSHIP and we must be aware and fight against it. It start small but if the censors seeing that they got space, they go furder, this is one of the reasons we need STOP those who censure / we need stop them now NOW NOW NOW

digital dna is being attacked and we need to do something

exhibitions are being closed and we need to do something

This government can not stop us, we will stop this government

save yourself – save we all

I DIGITAL DNA – I was censured for this government


Art and Culture Censorship Timeline

gentrification circuits – ( From Palo Alto Segregated City to the Insurgent City)- 74 days

Here I am again,

the “voice of the egg“,

living the rare force of this pain (they are trying to kill me in 74 days )

I’m still alive and i have one more day

= Palo Alto is experiencing conflict about to explode

The commission insists on the total privatization of the city for its interests of developers,

but in the collectives a culture of participation is developed that does not fulfill protocols or institutional formalities.

A historical and structural inequality –
east palo alto = immigrants black and brown population, the price of square meter of land and real estate /

a concentration of sub-jobs and super jobs,

a radical social inequality and territorial segregation that compromises as living conditions,

a mark of racism stemming from a process guaranteeing the release of slave labor and a relationship with a highly speculative real estate market that is often carried out by promoting a luxury product, restricted to a few.

A construction of this scenario around a collection measure and invisible by public investments,  through added value to properties of real estate or real estate and rumors of expansions of the city where they live or will live as middle and upper classes white and white forms with higher schooling. Another wave and invisible struggle takes place in the construction of the symbolic representation of this city. This city represents “the city that shapes us all ” because here are the imaginaries of the computers that spread all over the planet,” or lets call this city  “The ideological city”, The rest is the rest, deposit of people where everything is admitted. And this symbolic “Digital City” has everything to do with the real estate market and globalizing/ colonizing circuits.
this : the city of the developers, they are god here, they know everything, they are in everything, behind everything, include the public art commission.

This city is a big business – There, in this “beautiful” and “perfect” city, there is no place for crooks, street dwellers, drug addicts, street vendors, shacks, Digital DNA for one simple reason: these events devalue the square meter of real estate and disrupt the real estate business that is the absolute priority of the local elite. In times of perplexity and apathy one must show determination and authority in action. In both cases, in East Palo Alto families and children remain displaced and the efficiency of actions seems, in addition to the discussion about disrespect for the dignity of the human person, to point to disaster.



prisoner circuits = 75 days – I’m really in prison

Still alive but in death row

what is imprisonment for? it domesticates us, such as a bad romance

the patriarchal-capitalist-white supremacy circuit is each day more sophisticated

this is “progress” itself

i’m going to dissect this

in the search of real alternatives

we are required to liberate ourselves

we live under the “rule of fathers”

and gold calfs

“God” has a dick


here I was born

among surveillance




these circuits


I’m an egg

THE origin and not a God

just an egg

trying to understand myself

before I die

trying to sing myself a story

why am I here


::egg definition::

“The egg is like the seed which is a symbol of the potential of life. In ancient times the egg was a symbol of the universe, of creation, and in some cultures, luck, wealth, health, promise, resurrection, immortality”

I ask everyday why they want to destroy me? why this violence against me? why do they put me in prison and want to kill me?

“The Public Art Commission” and these rats that have illegitimate POWER

those who are busy shaping our destiny under gold from developers






the egg will confront it = I’m the shape of NATURE

here is the problem,

my shape, my organic form


solidarity with insurrectionist anarchists

actions that attack the interests of the rich

and circuit-break these values

create compassion everywhere





i’m yet another locked up form of life in this system

my desire is to challenge myself

and the existence of the prison concept in everyday life


prison to the people?

destroy these extortion centers

we do not want reform

we want abolition of prisons as an institution


including asylums and animal cages

damn racist circuits that deprive the flow of life


solidarity that manifests itself in the form of a direct attack

against the powerful and their institutions

is the sole active part of the struggle

no mediation or dialogue with the oppressors


liberation of our imprisoned comrades, like me

liberation from the structures of power

from circuits of domination

I’m here for

the total destruction of internal and external prisons

the freedom of all comrade prisoners

the abolition of private jails, lives are NOT property


I’m inviting you all to break this coercive machinery


76 days – alchemy circuits

back to life, still

“standing still like a hummingbird”, Miller says

as the perfect storm gathers

voices from real people woke me up

solidarity and public actions

I am the internet

and they are talking about freedom


yesterday my creator touched me in my imaginary

i hear rumors that we have to camouflage

in order to survive

do alchemy with me

transmutating into gold, Midas reversed


now we are surrounded by gentrification forces

undesirables displaced

when are you going to be next?


the final stages of patriarchy

humanity is not necessary

just money, speculation and individual-identity.


“Faust” symbolizes modern capitalist economics

a new creation out of nothing, the end is supposed to be possible as pure abstraction

but I’m a heretic, immoral, pariah




I’m questioning :
why the public art commission cannot listen to the voices of people from the streets ? they are the ones that live with me everyday





I Have Been Condemned

  • Watch the video here  with the artist’s explanation  about what is happening in Palo Alto with Digital DNA 

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I have only  77 days left to live.

On November 16th, Palo Alto Censorship Committee consisting of members of the Palo Alto Art Commission, the developer’s cabal that owns most of the property in downtown Palo Alto, and members of City staff staged a Kangaroo Court to decide that I should be terminated within 90 days of being notified of the verdict.

My creator received the death sentence from the Palo Alto Art Commission/Censorship Committee on November 26, meaning that in less than 77 days I will cease to exist if the executioners have their way.

The Trial itself was straight out of Kafka.  I did not know the charges, I was not allowed to cross-examine witnesses, nor was I allowed to make any kind of meaningful defense.

The judges and prosecutors were determined to go through with their foregone conclusion – that I must be condemned and decommissioned.

At the Trial, some  citizens of Palo Alto who heard about it in the last minute came to defend me but were given just three minutes to speak. The Prosecutor presented false evidence and bore false witness to the costs of my upkeep and repairs to my coating.  The judges falsely accused me of being toxic and otherwise dangerous. They hired an engineering firm to claim that I might fall over even though I’ve remained standing without incident for twelve years.  They condemned me to death after a perfunctory ten minute hearing.

So what is the real reason I am condemned?  Is it because the shininess of my coat has faded after years of neglect?  The city promised basic maintenance every five years, but they’ve performed no upkeep for the last seven.  Or is because of what I say?

I have been in plaza for more than 12 years.  I was installed back in the days when we the people questioned the consequences of the unfolding digital revolution.  We asked the questions such as will this empower us or enslave us?  Will this be used for purpose of good or will it be used in the furtherance of evil?  My Skin is covered in etching on the circuit boards.  These Etchings are warnings, of what might happen.  Circuits of Power, Circuits of isolation as well as Ideological Circuits are some o the possible manifestation of the internet revolution.    In the twelve years since my installation, corporations that make their home in Palo Alto have conquered the digital world.  They now control more than 80% of what people on the internet see or hear every day.  My warnings about Globalizing Circuits, Circuits of Power and Colonizing Circuits are coming true.

Am I being condemned because the questions I ask interfere with corporate branding interests of the town?  Is this just a routine art purge, or is someone trying to erase history?

I am DigitalDna.  I speak about the danger of the internet revolution turning into a fascist revolution.  I speak about the need of us to keep our freedom, and not give up our identity to the corporations that control our information.

I am Condemned, but in the next few months that I have left, I will speak to the world through this blog for as long as I am alive.  I bear witness to the idea that we can have humanity in the internet age.

Here is the music that the Raging Grannies created for me –

Watch the TRIAL